Romney’s Legacy As Governor: Left Office With 34% Approval Rating In Massachusetts

VIDEO – Local Boston news coverage of Mitt Romney’s last day in office as Governor of Massachusetts shows why the people of Romney’s home state are going to vote for President Obama by a wide margin.  In describing Governor Romney’s one term, the commentator says Romney’s “legacy is disappointment”.

In all of the 2012 presidential election coverage, all of the vetting of the candidates, and all of the arguments against Mitt Romney, one of the biggest pieces of evidence against him has been almost completely overlooked by the mainstream media and his opponents.  And it is an important thing to point out about someone running for president:  Mitt Romney was an unpopular governor and is not well thought of by the majority of the people he served in Massachusetts.

Want to know what Romney would be like as the chief executive of the nation?  We already have a good example because he was the chief executive of the state of Massachusetts.  The reason Romney doesn’t talk much on the campaign trail about his time as governor is that Romney was, in the eyes of his former constituents, a failure as governor.

When Mitt Romney campaigned for governor of Massachusetts, he talked about lowering taxes.  But once he was elected, Romney’s no-tax pledge was simply a mirage because he raised almost every possible fee in the state.  And Romney’s fee increases put the burden of generating revenue on low and middle income people to fund the state budget.

Romney talked about how his private sector experience meant he knew how to bring more jobs to the state (sound familiar?).  But by the time he left office, Massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job growth.  Romney also reduced education spending during his tenure.

By the time Mitt Romney left office in January 2007, his approval rating in Massachusetts was only 34%.

Whatever the result of the 2012 election, one thing is sure: Mitt Romney will not win the state he governed.  In fact, polling of Massachusetts shows Romney is down to President Obama by an average of 20 points.  If Mitt Romney were a great governor, as he claims, the people who know him best would be voting for him.  Instead Massachusetts is, as his own campaign surrogate John Sununu says, “number 50 on the list” of states Romney is contesting.

At the conservative CPAC conference during the primary, Romney famously said, “I was a severely conservative Republican governor.”  But now, Romney is falsely selling himself as a governor who was bi-partisan and popular with both sides.  What he should have said was, ‘I was a severely unpopular Republican governor’.

Presidents don’t often lose the state where they served as governor or senator.  If Romney were to win the election, he would be the first president to lose his home state since 1916.  And there is a good reason for that.  Most politicians running for president need a real home base of support to build their campaign on.  The people they served and served with in their home state usually come out in great support for them, citing the all the examples of their great leadership.  But as Romney bought himself the governorship – he kicked in $6 million of his own money out of the total $10 million for his campaign – other millionaires and billionaires, like Sheldon Adelson, are attempting to buy this election for him.

The people of Massachusetts are hearing the same promises from Romney in his run for president that he told them back in 2002 when he ran for governor.  They have seen Mitt Romney’s government leadership skills up close and they are going to vote against him by a wide margin.  On election day, the American people need to listen to their fellow Americans in Massachusetts.

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