Walker Recall Results A Big Win for Super PACs And The Koch Brothers

VIDEO – Scott Walker recall results show how special interest money from a few billionaires can swing the outcome of an election.

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The results from the Wisconsin election to recall Governor Scott Walker are in and the big money from billionaires and corporations has defeated the grassroots uprising of average workers fighting to keep their rights.

This is why Super PACs are so important and how they have completely changed the political landscape.  The ability to bombard low-information (a.k.a. undecided) voters with your message can bring them to your side or, more often, turn them against your opponent.

Scott Walker spent $29 million from his campaign, as he was able to raise unlimited donations (and his opponent was not) due to the Wisconsin law concerning recall elections.  But it didn’t stop there.  Super PACs and front groups spent an additional $16 million for Walker ($6 million alone from Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity).

Compare that to the $3 million Tom Barrett’s campaign spent and $6 million outside groups spent against the governor and Walker had a five to one money advantage.  The Koch brothers’ Super PAC spent twice as much on the recall election than the entire amount spent by the Barrett campaign.  When you can outspend your opponent five to one on ads to reach low-information voters, you are probably going to win.

The Koch brothers have just proven you can even buy your way to saving a governor who is under criminal investigation.  This is the age of the Super PAC.


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