Scott Walker Tells Billionaire Donor He Will Divide And Conquer Unions

VIDEO:  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker promises to “divide and conquer” unions to one of his billionaire masters, Diane Hendricks.

Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply (a roofing and siding distributor in Beloit, WI) asks Walker to “work on these unions” and to make Wisconsin a ‘right-to-work’ stateWatch as this puppet meets one of his puppet masters! For a billionaire like Hendricks, $500,000 is a small price to pay for access like this. 

The peasants are making too much money!  I pay you to keep the commoners “under control” so I may preside over the Kingdom of Wisconsin!



  1. Lordy…unions that get too heavy-handed worry me, but this is the flip-side of that coin: do away with them completely. Smart, real smart. Thank you Scott Walker for being part of the problem.

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