Sen. Scott Brown Has Resorted To Race Baiting In Re-Election Bid, Mocks Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage

VIDEO – Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is going after his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, because she has some Native American ancestors.  In opening remarks at the recent debate between the two candidates, Sen. Brown accused Ms. Warren of lying about her heritage because she looks white to him.  Also in the video, Brown’s senior staffers are caught mocking Warren supporters by using racist Native American “war whoops” and “tomahawk chops”.

In a desperate reaction to his recent slide in the polls, Sen. Scott Brown (R – Massachusetts) has decided to use race baiting tactics as the central theme of his re-election campaign against Elizabeth Warren.  Warren’s mother was part Cherokee and part Delaware.  Scott Brown has now centered his campaign around ridiculing Warren for listing herself as “Native American” on law school documents early in her teaching career because her skin color is not dark enough, in his estimation, for her to be Native American.

Senator Brown used the appeal-to-bigots strategy in his opening statement of their recent debate.  “Elizabeth Warren said she was a Native American, a person of color” Brown said.  Then, gesturing toward Warren he said, “As you can see, she’s not.”

Apparently, Senator Brown can tell someone’s background just by looking at them.  Or, Scott Brown is using the same old race-baiting tactics that Republicans have been using for decades: “Hey, working class white guy!  Look at all of these people getting ahead because of affirmative action policies.  That is so unfair to you, Mr. White Guy.  And my opponent is one of them!”

Elizabeth Warren countered in her opening statement, saying that her mother was “part Delaware and part Cherokee” and that she never used her designation for professional gain.

Now, this new video has come out showing Senator Brown’s senior staffers using racial taunts to confront Warren supporters.  In the video, Sen. Brown’s deputy chief of staff, his constituent services council, his state director for Massachusetts, his special assistant, and a Republican state party operative are seen doing “woo woo woo” war chants and the “tomahawk chop” to mock Warren.  Are the voters of Massachusetts going to return these people to the Senate?

It seems the answer to the previous question is increasingly becoming ‘no’, which is why the Brown campaign has revealed their bigotry in a desperate attempt to appeal to like-minded bigots.  In a liberal state like Massachusetts, Sen. Brown has tried to paint himself as a moderate and rarely uses the word “Republican” to describe himself.  But his record shows he has voted with the GOP on most issues and is just another shill for Wall Street billionaires.  Brown is dropping in the polls because of his stances on the issues and the increasing unpopularity of the Republican Party.  That is why he has resorted to cheap and empty racial attacks on Elizabeth Warren.  He’s got nothing else.



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