Supreme Court Rules Against Workers, For Corporations On Election Spending

VIDEO – In the same week that the Supreme Court forced states to allow corporations to fund Super PACs with unlimited money, they upheld obsticles to make it harder for public workers to fund campaigns. 


Corporations can now spend unlimited amounts of money to fund campaigns and Super PACs without shareholder approval, while public workers’ unions must go through a laborious process to get the affirmative approval of each of its members.

John Nichols, of The Nation, reported on June 21, 2012:

Traditionally, unions in the public sector have maintained “opt-out” systems, which allow any worker in an organized shop to indicate that they do not want to support union political action. Those dissenting workers are allowed to avoid contributing to campaigning, even when it is on behalf of their interests.

Now, because of the Court’s ruling, public-sector unions are required to develop new and more burdensome systems in which represented employees must “opt-in” before they can support political initiatives by organized labor.


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