Super PAC Jam – Oh, Super PACs! A Music Video


VIDEO – Want to know what a Super PAC is?  Super PACs explained in song.

Gingrich Ad – For the Dogs

VIDEO – Mitt Romney sings “Who Let the Dogs Out” in this one…  A collection of Mitt’s finest moments.

Red White and Blue Super PAC Ad – “Obama”

VIDEO – This Santorum Super PAC ad goes after everyone, then abruptly transitions to “sunshine and rainbows” for Rick Santorum.  All in 30 seconds.

Romney and Gingrich HOPE Their Super PAC Ads Are Accurate

VIDEO –  The Super PAC game is policed by the FEC, an agency that is as intimidating as a professional wrestling referee.  Watch how both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich (while holding back smirks and laughter) deny any involvement with their own Super PAC ads (produced by their former senior campaign staffers) that are funded by their billionaire friends.  We have […]

How To Create A Super PAC Ad

VIDEO – Here is a handy step-by-step template to produce an effective negative TV ad for your Super PAC or Front Group.  Just follow this easy fill-in-the-blank process and your Super PAC or Front Group will be on its way to suppressing voter turnout today!  

Red White and Blue Ad – “Devoted”

This ad makes good use of a proven strategy that many can’t understand.  Why are rural people in Iowa scared of “radical Islamic extremism”?  It doesn’t matter – they are and this stuff works!