2012 Election: Progressive Policies Win, Conservatism And Tea Party Rejected


VIDEO – The 2012 election resulted in sweeping gains for the Democratic Party and a rejection of Republican policies.  President Barack Obama was re-elected, Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate, and shrunk the GOP majority in the House.  Referendums regarding  same-sex marriage won in three states, while a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage […]

Mitt Romney Debates Himself – “Debate Romney” vs. “Real Romney”


VIDEO – The Mitt Romney who attended the debate with President Obama goes up against the actual Mitt Romney in this video. Mitt Romney suddenly changed positions on many issues in order to score a “win” in his first debate with President Obama.  In all, it has been documented that Romney lied 27 times in […]

Mitt Romney Campaigns To Cut Police, Firefighters, Teachers


VIDEO – Mitt Romney critisizes President Obama for wanting to hire more police, firefighters, and teachers. Once again, Mitt Romney campaigns against the education of our nation’s children.  He is now coming out against the police and firefighters as well.  When you are as rich as Romney and his Super PAC donors, your kids go […]

Romney Wants To Cut Education Funding And Bust Teachers Unions

VIDEO – In this interview on Fox News, Mitt Romney says that he wants to cut the Department of Education and “return education to the states” for the purpose of busting teacher’s unions.

Santorum Wants to End Public Education

VIDEO – Rick Santorum fights for the cause to end public education.  Billionaires don’t need public education, so why pay for it?  The lower classes can home school their kids – another way to keep corporate taxes low.  

Santorum Knows College is for Elites Only

VIDEO – Rick Santorum is a master of courting the anti-intellectual vote. Watch the former lawyer with an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University, an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, and a law degree degree from the Dickinson School of Law for remind these working folk that college is for the elite.