Romney Repeats Baseless “Apologize For America” Line Over And Over


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s foreign policy pitch amounts to one thing: he says he won’t apologize for America, and he continually accuses President Obama of “apologizing for America”.  There is absolutely no evidence of President Obama ever apologizing for America, as Romney says.  This is just another lie from the Romney-Ryan campaign that they believe, […]

Romney Changes Position On Obamacare (Some Parts), Campaign Aids Change It Back


VIDEO – Mitt Romney, on the heels of a major drop in opinion polls after the conventions, tries (once again) to change his position on Obamacare, identifying the popular parts as things he would keep (without elaborating on how they would be funded).  Video has great footage of FDR from 1936, who was also dealing […]

GOP’s ‘Are You Better Off Than Four Years Ago?’ Is Reminder Of George W. Bush


VIDEO – The new Republican attack line on President Obama is a reprise of the old Ronald Reagan line from 1980: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”.   Looking back at our economy four years ago under President George W. Bush, the answer is YES. Republicans, at their national convention last […]

Romney Exposed As Fraud Who Will Say Anything To Get Elected


VIDEO – Mitt Romney is exposed as a complete fraud willing to say anything to get elected to do the bidding for his billionaire backers.  In his 1994 run for Senate and his 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts, Romney proclaimed himself to be a pro-choice, pro-gay-rights, independent that “did not want to return to […]

Paul Ryan Blames Obama For GM Plant That Closed Under Bush – Scott Walker Also Caught Lying About It


VIDEO – In his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, VP nominee Paul Ryan blamed President Obama for a GM plant that closed in December 2008, before Obama took office.  In the video, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is caught attempting to perpetuate the lie, but is backed into a corner when things called facts […]

Official Republican Party Platform: No Abortions For Rape Victims


VIDEO – The Republican Party declares in their official platform that they are against abortion in all cases – even for victims of rape and incest.   The GOP platform committee chairman, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, supported a state law requiring all women seeking an abortion to submit to an ultrasound examination using a vaginal probe.  […]

Paul Ryan Flip-Flops On Rape Views; Romney Agrees With ‘Forcible Rape’ Doctor


VIDEO – Paul Ryan’s position on abortion is the same as Todd Akin’s: outlaw abortion for rape and incest victims.  The two Congressmen co-sponsored a bill that would redefine rape in order to prohibit abortions for rape victims.  But in an interview, Ryan pretended he does not share Akin’s views and refused to address the […]

Romney: Blind Trusts Only Put Money Offshore If Trustee Approves


VIDEO – Mitt Romney often uses the excuse that his money is managed in a blind trust to deflect criticism of his many offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.  However, back in 1994, Romney explained that using a blind trust does not absolve the trustee of responsibility for the decisions made regarding […]

Paul Ryan Debated In Favor Of Stimulus Bill On House Floor In 2002


VIDEO – Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) pleaded for his Republican colleagues to “drop the demagoguery” and pass the Bush stimulus in 2002.  He said the stimulus would “create jobs and help the unemployed”.  Of course, when it came time to pass President Obama’s stimulus in 2009, Paul Ryan demonized stimulus spending, but was then caught begging […]

Paul Ryan Caught Lying: Asked For Stimulus Money After Saying He Was Against Stimulus


VIDEO – Paul Ryan is caught lying twice about requesting stimulus funds to help create jobs in his district.  Ryan lied once on a radio show back in 2010 and again in an interview on Thursday when confronted about his requests for stimulus funds.  Ryan denied requesting money from the stimulus until he got caught. […]

Mitt Romney’s Own “You Didn’t Build That” Quotes


VIDEO – Here is a compilation of quotes from Mitt Romney, using the same standards Romney adhered to when accusing President Obama of telling small business owners ‘you didn’t build that’. Many of Romney’s and his Super PAC Restore Our Future’s ads take speeches from President Obama and edit the original context out of them, […]

Romney Campaign Admits Obamacare Saves People’s Healthcare


VIDEO – Mitt Romney campaign spokesperson, Andrea Saul, admits on Fox News that people living in Massachusetts benefit from Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare.   In a new ad by Priorities USA Action, a man describes how he lost his job and his healthcare after Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital closed the steel plant where he […]

Mitt Romney Discusses Ann Romney’s Dressage Horse With Sean Hannity


VIDEO – This video of Romney with Fox News’ Sean Hannity shows that not only does Mitt know a lot about dressage horses, he even has his own horse.   In a feeble attempt to pretend he is not an elitist, Mitt Romney recently denied knowing which day Ann Romney’s horse, “Rafalca”, would be competing […]

Mitt Romney Flip Flops 3 Times In One Week On Obamacare Mandate


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s three positions on the Obamacare mandate in the one week since the Supreme Court’s ruling.     When the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare mandate is Constitutional because the mandate falls within Congress’ power to tax, Republicans rushed to demonize it using the evil ‘t-word’:  “Ah-ha!  The mandate is a […]

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Mandate That GOP Once Supported


VIDEO – As the Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act and its individual mandate, this video documents the Republican position on the healthcare mandate.  That is, the Republican position on the mandate before Obama became president.   Mitt Romney and the following Republican congressional members were in favor of the individual mandate before they flip flopped on the issue […]