McCain Defends Aurora, Colorado Shooter’s Constitutional Right To Build Arsenal


VIDEO – Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) cites Constitutional rights to dismiss passing any legislation to prevent someone like the Colorado theater gunman from stockpiling an arsenal.  He went on to say that tougher gun laws are not the answer, citing the 2011 massacre in Norway, because they “have very strict gun control laws”. McCain’s use […]

GOP Senator Ron Johnson Says Keeping Guns From Demented People Restricts Our Freedom


VIDEO – Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says there is no way to restrict deranged individuals, such as the gunman in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, from getting high powered weapons.  Johnson says attempting to do that would “restrict our freedoms”.   He also says that assault weapons like the AR-15 are for hunting. […]

GOP Congressman Blames Colorado Theater Shooting On Anti-Christian Attacks, Atheists, Gun Control Laws


AUDIO – Less than 24 hours after the horrific shooting massacre by a lone gunman in an Aurora, Colorado theater, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (R – Texas) went on right-wing radio to blame the incident on “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs”.     On The Heritage Foundation’s “Istook Live!”, Rep. Gohmert said, “some of us happen to […]