Mitt Romney Embraces Ryan Plan: Cut Programs For The Poor, Give Tax Cuts To The Rich


VIDEO – In an interview on FOX News, Mitt Romney states his full support for the Paul Ryan budget plan that cuts Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and Pell Grants, while cutting taxes for the richest Americans.  Somehow (without laughing), Romney says he doesn’t think dramatically slashing these programs will affect the people who depend on […]

Mitt Romney Sings America The Beautiful In Obama Ad


VIDEO – Mitt Romney sings “America The Beautiful” in this ad from Obama For America highlighting Romney’s time as CEO of Bain Capital.   The Obama ad has Romney singing  “America The Beautiful” while the following facts appear on screen: In business, Mitt Romney’s firms shipped jobs to Mexico.  Los Angeles Times (6/2/00), SEC (3/26/93, […]

Mitt Romney’s Positions On The Issues In 60 Seconds

Romney 743

VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s positions (in his own words) on forecluseures, the auto bailout, healthcare, immigration, women’s healthcare, and corporate welfare in 60 seconds.

Mitt Romney Made Millions Closing American Factories As Bain Capital CEO


Video – This is an example of the signature tactic “job creator” Mitt Romney was famous for as CEO of Bain Capital.  Bain used this model for many different companies they purchased and made millions doing it.

Wisconsin Job Creation Worst In The Nation Under Scott Walker

Scott Walker 123

VIDEO: Under Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin lost 23,900 jobs between March 2011 and March 2012. This is the biggest job loss in the country.

Romney Now WANTS CREDIT For Auto Bailout He Opposed

VIDEO – Romney: “I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back.” Mitt Romney is clearly the candidate we all thought he was.  He will lie through his teeth about anything to get elected.  His motivation is clear – to get into the White House and make life easier […]

Bank CEOs Entitlement Bonuses In Jeopardy

VIDEO – For many years, major bank CEOs have enjoyed multi-million dollar bonuses regardless of their job performance or the company’s stock performance.  But in reaction to the financial crisis, the Dodd-Frank law passed by Democrats in 2010 included a provision that financial institutions have to hold non-binding shareholder votes on executive pay.  Citigroup’s major shareholders just had such a […]

Restore Our Future – “Care”

VIDEO – Restore Our Future Ad:  Rick Santorum says “I don’t care what the unemployment rate is going to be”.  It also accuses Santorum of being in favor of worker’s rights – “he even voted against national Right to Work legislation”.  We know Mitt Romney is against worker’s rights, but we did not know he was […]

A Romney Tradition – Don’t Remind Voters How We Killed Their Jobs

Mitt Romney learned a lot from his father about how to be a cold, calculating, S.O.B.  On this conference call for Wisconsin supporters, Mitt fondly recalls how his father closed a factory in Michigan and had to run away from his actions in order to get elected Michigan’s governor.  Isn’t it nice that he can even chuckle about […]

Blame the Poor and Unemployed – Distracts Public From Corporate Welfare


VIDEO – Blaming the poor and unemployed distracts the public from corporate welfare. The Federal government and state governments all over the U.S. are drowning in debt and deficits.  It has been suggested that big corporations have some tax loopholes closed to alleviate these shortfalls.  But, Republicans have another way: take benefits away from the poor and […]

Santorum – Michigan Robocall

We love how Santorum uses Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout in this robocall, even though he also opposed it.  Brilliant!  This particular robocall asks Democrats to go vote in the Republican primary for this reason.  This is more proof that robocalls are a great way to distort the facts and target low-information voters.