Red White And Blue Fund – “Meet”

VIDEO – Rick Santorum’s Super PAC wants you to meet the real Mitt Romney.

Super PAC-Campaign Coordination Illegal, But They Use Same Consultants

Campaign Spending Shows Political Ties, Self-Dealing by Kim Barker and Al Shaw ProPublica, March 28, 2012, 1:02 p.m. For an example of the fluidity of campaign finance rules, as well as the tangled web of connections between candidates and super PACs, look no further than the digital consulting firm Targeted Victory. So far, the firm’s […]

Red White and Blue Super PAC Ad – “Obama”

VIDEO – This Santorum Super PAC ad goes after everyone, then abruptly transitions to “sunshine and rainbows” for Rick Santorum.  All in 30 seconds.

Red White and Blue Ad – “Devoted”

This ad makes good use of a proven strategy that many can’t understand.  Why are rural people in Iowa scared of “radical Islamic extremism”?  It doesn’t matter – they are and this stuff works!  

Top 5 Super PACs

Buying Our Future – Top 5 Super PACs 2012 Election Cycle  AS OF 3/6/2012  Supports/Opposes  Ind. Expenditures  Total Raised Restore Our Future supports Romney $44,523,465 $36,797,202 Winning Our Future supports Gingrich $26,397,154 $13,114,797 Red, White & Blue supports Santorum $6,658,942 $2,817,675 Make Us Great Again supports Perry $3,959,824 $5,485,885 Endorse Liberty supports Paul $3,091,901 $3,396,997 […]

Michigan GOP Primary Final – Romney $3.4 mil, Santorum $2.2 mil


And the winner is…..Mitt Romney!  Romney, who was trailing in most polls just over one week before the primary used a good chunk of his unlimited money to “carpet bomb” the state of Michigan with negative ads about his rival.  Rick Santorum  and his billionaire Foster Freiss gave it a good run considering he is […]

Red White and Blue Fund


Don’t be fooled – Rick Santorum has a billionaire or two up his sleeve.  His Super PAC is 94% funded by donations of $25,000 or more. Of the $5.8 million total they have raised as of February 29, 2012, $4.1 million was donated from just 3 billionaires.

Rick Santorum’s Billionaire – Foster Friess

Foster Friess has financed $1.6 million of the total $5.8 million raised (as of 2/29/2012) by Red White and Blue Fund, the Super PAC of Rick Santorum.  Friess is a wealthy mutual fund manager that has personally saved the Santorum campaign.  When the cash-strapped Santorum campaign was on its last legs, Foster Friess rode to the rescue!  A touching […]