Romney and Gingrich HOPE Their Super PAC Ads Are Accurate

VIDEO –  The Super PAC game is policed by the FEC, an agency that is as intimidating as a professional wrestling referee.  Watch how both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich (while holding back smirks and laughter) deny any involvement with their own Super PAC ads (produced by their former senior campaign staffers) that are funded by their billionaire friends.  We have […]

Top 5 Super PACs

Buying Our Future – Top 5 Super PACs 2012 Election Cycle  AS OF 3/6/2012  Supports/Opposes  Ind. Expenditures  Total Raised Restore Our Future supports Romney $44,523,465 $36,797,202 Winning Our Future supports Gingrich $26,397,154 $13,114,797 Red, White & Blue supports Santorum $6,658,942 $2,817,675 Make Us Great Again supports Perry $3,959,824 $5,485,885 Endorse Liberty supports Paul $3,091,901 $3,396,997 […]

Using SuperPACs to Protect Carried Interest Tax Loophole

Super PAC donations are a common way to protect the tax loopholes exploit by the top 1%.  Learn more about how billionaires can donate to the right Super PACs, like Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future, and reap great rewards – like saving millions in taxes through the carried interest tax loophole in this article.

Michigan GOP Primary Final – Romney $3.4 mil, Santorum $2.2 mil


And the winner is…..Mitt Romney!  Romney, who was trailing in most polls just over one week before the primary used a good chunk of his unlimited money to “carpet bomb” the state of Michigan with negative ads about his rival.  Rick Santorum  and his billionaire Foster Freiss gave it a good run considering he is […]

Restore Our Future


Restore Our Future is 97% funded by donations of $25,000 or more. Don’t mess with Wall Street’s number one choice for president, Mitt Romney, because ROF has over $43 million and counting ready to squash all challengers.  Of the $43.2 million they have raised as of February 29, 2012, $22.3 million is from the top […]

Hedge Fund Heroes for Romney

The Top Wall Street Funders for Romney’s Super PAC – $10.5 Million Julian Robertson Tiger Management (hedge fund) $1,300,000 Edward Conard Fmr. Executive, Bain Capital $1,000,000 Robert Mercer Renaissance Technologies (hedge fund) $1,000,000 John Paulson Paulson & Company (hedge fund) $1,000,000 Rooney Holdings, Inc. Private Investment Firm $1,000,000 Paul Singer Elliot Associates (hedge fund) $1,000,000 Chris […]

Harold Simmons – Karl Rove’s Best Billionaire | Buying Our Future

VIDEO – One of the biggest Super PAC funders of them all is Harold Simmons, a Dallas corporate raider worth $4.5 BILLION.  He has given $10 million to American Crossroads so far this election cycle (out of their total of $23.4 million).  When you see a negative ad from American Crossroads, you can be assured that it was brought to […]

Romney’s Wall Street SuperPAC Superstars


Mitt Romney is all Wall Street, all the time.  His SuperPAC, Restore Our Future, is loaded with donations from hedge fund managers and investment bankers.  Of the $43.2 million raised as of February 29, 2012, $10.5 million is from this short list of just 14: Hedge Fund Heroes for Romney.