2012 Election: Progressive Policies Win, Conservatism And Tea Party Rejected


VIDEO – The 2012 election resulted in sweeping gains for the Democratic Party and a rejection of Republican policies.  President Barack Obama was re-elected, Democrats expanded their majority in the Senate, and shrunk the GOP majority in the House.  Referendums regarding  same-sex marriage won in three states, while a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage […]

Romney Says He Would “Be Delighted” To Outlaw Abortion In U.S.


VIDEO – Mitt Romney was asked if, as president, he would sign a bill that completely banned abortion in the United States under all circumstances.  Romney replied that he would “be delighted” to sign such a bill into law. Mitt Romney has given many conflicting statements about his stance on abortion during the past six […]

Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future Has Collected $82 Million From Handful Of Billionaires


Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future, has raised more money in the 2012 election cycle than all Democratic-aligned super PACs combined. Restore Our Future has raised over $82 million in this election cycle compared to hundreds of Democratic-aligned super PACs combined take of $77 million. The total of all GOP super PAC contributions, $277 million, […]

Supreme Court Refuses To Reconsider Citizens United – Bill Moyers Commentary


VIDEO – Bill Moyers explains the fraud that is the Supreme Court’s decision (Citizens United, 2010) that money is speech and that free speech is protected by the Constitution.  The court refused to reconsider the Citizens United decision last week, a story that was lost behind the coverage of the decision upholding the Affordable Care […]

Mitt Romney Flip Flops 3 Times In One Week On Obamacare Mandate


VIDEO – Mitt Romney’s three positions on the Obamacare mandate in the one week since the Supreme Court’s ruling.     When the Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare mandate is Constitutional because the mandate falls within Congress’ power to tax, Republicans rushed to demonize it using the evil ‘t-word’:  “Ah-ha!  The mandate is a […]

Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Mandate That GOP Once Supported


VIDEO – As the Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act and its individual mandate, this video documents the Republican position on the healthcare mandate.  That is, the Republican position on the mandate before Obama became president.   Mitt Romney and the following Republican congressional members were in favor of the individual mandate before they flip flopped on the issue […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Workers, For Corporations On Election Spending


VIDEO – In the same week that the Supreme Court forced states to allow corporations to fund Super PACs with unlimited money, they upheld obsticles to make it harder for public workers to fund campaigns.    Corporations can now spend unlimited amounts of money to fund campaigns and Super PACs without shareholder approval, while public workers’ unions […]

Supreme Court Forces Montana To Allow Super PACs In Elections


VIDEO – In 1912, the citizens of Montana passed a referendum to stop the corporate corruption that had taken over their state’s political process.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled against the 100-year-old Montana law, forcing them to comply with the court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling giving corporations the right to spend unlimited sums to fund Super PAC campaigns.  […]