Romney Says He Will End Or Cap Mortgage Interest Deduction


VIDEO – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to end or limit the mortgage interest tax deduction.  President Obama has refused to end or limit the mortgage interest deduction because it greatly benefits middle class families. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to cut taxes for the richest Americans and propose the elimination of tax […]

I’m A Romney Girl, In A Romney World – Life Is Taxless, It’s Fantastic


VIDEO – The Agenda Project Action Fund presents: Romney Girl. The video features the character Miss Swiss Bank Account, representing Mitt Romney’s many offshore tax shelters.  The government of Switzerland has already protested the video. Lyrics: Hi Romney Hi Miss Do you have something to hide? Well yeah, jump in! (Miss Swiss) I’m a Romney girl, in a […]

Romney: Blind Trusts Only Put Money Offshore If Trustee Approves


VIDEO – Mitt Romney often uses the excuse that his money is managed in a blind trust to deflect criticism of his many offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts.  However, back in 1994, Romney explained that using a blind trust does not absolve the trustee of responsibility for the decisions made regarding […]

Senator Harry Reid On Senate Floor – Mitt Romney “Hasn’t Paid Taxes For 10 Years”


VIDEO – Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada), took to the Senate floor to repeat that Mitt Romney “hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years”.  Sen. Reid adds, “Mitt Romney makes more money in a single day than the average middle class family makes in two years”. Senator Reid also made the point that any cabinet […]

Mitt Romney’s Positions On The Issues In 60 Seconds

Romney 743

VIDEO: Mitt Romney’s positions (in his own words) on forecluseures, the auto bailout, healthcare, immigration, women’s healthcare, and corporate welfare in 60 seconds.

How You Can Use Mitt Romney’s Cayman Island Tax Shelter


VIDEO – The accounting firm that helps Mitt Romney hide his money in the Cayman Islands is now looking to expand their business by capitalizing on Mitt’s name.  Here is one of their new TV ads:

Top Offshore Tax Shelters – Cayman Islands

Offshore tax shelters are a great way to hide income from the government and reduce your personal taxes.  One of the masters of this technique is, of course, Mitt Romney.  He knows how to exploit every possible tax loophole to keep his effective tax rate at 13.9%.  And Mitt Romney will fight to keep all […]

Using SuperPACs to Protect Carried Interest Tax Loophole

Super PAC donations are a common way to protect the tax loopholes exploit by the top 1%.  Learn more about how billionaires can donate to the right Super PACs, like Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future, and reap great rewards – like saving millions in taxes through the carried interest tax loophole in this article.

Romney: Tax Talk Belongs In Quiet Rooms

VIDEO: Mitt Romney fights for Wall Street and to keep taxes low for the wealthy and corporations. He believes the tax rates of wealthy Americans and big corporations should brokered in quiet rooms with lobbyists.