A Desperate Romney Turns Jeep Lies Into Ohio Campaign Ads


VIDEO – Showing clear signs of desperation, Mitt Romney got caught lying to Ohioans at a rally, saying that he “read somewhere” that Jeep is moving all production to China.  The lie was immediately rebuked by Chrysler Corporation, which is actually adding jobs at its Ohio production plant.  But not only did Romney not retract […]

A Desperate Romney Lies To Ohio Crowd: Jeep Moving To China


VIDEO – An increasingly desperate candidate, Mitt Romney (appearing with Meatloaf), falsely told a crowd in Ohio that Jeep is moving all production to China.  Romney’s claim was quickly debunked, drawing a scathing response from the executive management of Chrysler (Jeep).   Mitt Romney has now become so desperate, that his dishonesty has shifted into […]

Supreme Court Rules Against Workers, For Corporations On Election Spending


VIDEO – In the same week that the Supreme Court forced states to allow corporations to fund Super PACs with unlimited money, they upheld obsticles to make it harder for public workers to fund campaigns.    Corporations can now spend unlimited amounts of money to fund campaigns and Super PACs without shareholder approval, while public workers’ unions […]

Billionaire Super PAC Funders Back Romney For Self-Interests


VIDEO – What do billionaire Super PAC funders Harold Simmons, Bob Perry, and Sheldon Adelson have to gain by supporting Mitt Romney?  A lot. In this Hardball interview with Eric Bates of Rolling Stone and Joe Conason of NationalMemo.com, they explore the motivation behind the biggest donors to Super PACs Restore Our Future and American Crossroads. […]

Mitt Romney Pledges To Bust Unions


VIDEO: – Mitt Romney wants to destroy unions in America. There’s nothing that gets under Mitt Romney’s skin like workers being able to bargain for rights, benefits, and fair wages.  His billionaire funders are paying him to bust unions.  He says he will support ALL anti-union (a.k.a. “right to work”) laws. He also talks about […]

Walker Raises Big Money From Out-Of-State Billionaires


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has raised more than $25 million since January 2011 – two thirds of it from out-of-state donors. Wisconsin state law typically caps direct donations to gubernatorial candidates at $10,000, but allows recall targets to collect unlimited amounts of contributions from the day a group registers against them until the state Government Accountability Board schedules the […]

Scott Walker Tells Billionaire Donor He Will Divide And Conquer Unions


VIDEO:  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker promises to “divide and conquer” unions to one of his billionaire masters, Diane Hendricks. Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply (a roofing and siding distributor in Beloit, WI) asks Walker to “work on these unions” and to make Wisconsin a ‘right-to-work’ state.  Watch as this puppet meets one of his puppet masters! For […]

Romney Wants To Cut Education Funding And Bust Teachers Unions

VIDEO – In this interview on Fox News, Mitt Romney says that he wants to cut the Department of Education and “return education to the states” for the purpose of busting teacher’s unions.

How To Hide Anti-Worker’s-Rights Stance During a Campaign (Featuring Scott Walker)

Scott Walker 4321

VIDEO – From the Americans For Prosperity School of Gubernatorial Campaigning:  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shows how he got elected as an anti-worker’s-rights candidate.  The best way is to hide it during the campaign, then once elected, act as if you’ve been clear about it all along.

Americans for Prosperity – Take Unions Out At The Knees

VIDEO – Koch brothers’ puppet says “take unions out at the knees”. Scott Hagerstrom, the head of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity, doesn’t let the fact that his entire family benefitted from unions keep him from working to crush them on behalf of the billionaires that pay him.

Scott Walker Prank Call With “David Koch”

Scott Walker David Koch

AUDIO – This conversation gives great insight into the way a billionaire can pull the strings of a puppet like Walker.  It’s actually the BEAST’s Ian Murphy who called Walker, posing as billionaire David Koch.