Karl Rove Loses Badly In 2012 Election – A Huge Victory For Progressives


VIDEO – Karl Rove, who collected some $325 million from wealthy donors looking to buy the election, has a complete meltdown on FOX News’ election night coverage and refuses to accept the fact that President Obama has won Ohio and the election. The 2012 election was predefined as “close” according to the mainstream media.  But […]

RNC Refuses To Seat Ron Paul Delegates From Maine – Delegates Walk Out


VIDEO – After Ron Paul supporters won the delegates from Maine, the Republican National Committee refused to seat them at the GOP convention and actually had them replaced by other delegates who would support Mitt Romney.   Ron Paul supporters used party rules to gain some delegates through grassroots activism.  So, the Republican Party simply […]

GOP Changes Party Rules To Block Ron Paul Support At Convention


VIDEO – At the GOP convention in Tampa, the establishment of the Republican party changed their party rules in order to install the establishment candidate (Mitt Romney) and to suppress any grassroots candidates (Ron Paul) and their supporters.  RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus refuses to recognize the Ron Paul delegates request to be heard on the […]

Pennsylvania GOP Admits Voter ID Law Is About Suppressing Democrats’ Votes


VIDEO – Republican Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai brags at the Republican State Committee meeting that their recently passed voter ID law will “allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania”. The admission from Pennsylvania’s top Republican in the State House, that suppressing Democratic votes is the only way Mitt Romney could possibly win the […]