WorldNetDaily’s Farah: It Doesn’t Pay To Run Obama Birther Stories

VIDEO –  Joseph Farah, the “birther” founder of and author of The Tea Party Manifesto, pledged to give $15,000 to the hospital listed on President Obama’s birth certificate if he released the long-form document.  Once the President did release his long-form birth certificate, Farah refused to accept it and questioned its authenticity.

Joseph Farah, editor-in-chief of the crank conspiracy website WorldNetDaily, says running “birther” stories that question the well-established birth of President Barack Obama in Honolulu in 1961 are necessary but are really bad for his business. Who knew the guy was such an altruist?

“There are advertisers who are afraid of WND because they think we’re obsessed or we’re out on a wild goose chase or it’s just too controversial,” Farah said to Ryan J. Reilly in an article at TPM Muckraker today. Read it all for a study of disingenuousness.

But also pity poor Farah. He has certainly “birthed” a cash cow by attracting to WND the interest of the lost souls who, 20 years ago, were funding the lavish lifestyles of God-channellers Robert Tilton and Jimmy Swaggart. Now, he can boast web hits from this select demographic to advertisers who know well these rubes will eagerly part with a bit of their “fun money” if the messenger conveys the right level of “teh crazy.” Why not get in on that action?

Ah, but now Farah says those advertisers are dumping WND faster than Karl Rove flushed out Todd Akin’s campaign. And why? Oh, the reporting on Obama’s “real birth,” he says, is too controversial. Not too crazy and untrue, mind you, just a little out there for their comfort.

Fat chance. P.T. Barnum exploded this myth more than a century ago. You can’t go too stupid when you’ve got your audience’s interest in mind. And Farah’s audience wants Obama out and will spout as Gospel any and all cockamamie theories about him.

But credit Farah with revealing his “dirty” little secret. Did you catch it in Reilly’s piece? When asked about his success, Farah obligingly thanks the big one and then says anger against Obama “has something to do with it.” He even adds how difficult complaining about government was during the Bush years, because it angered his readers.

That’s the tell. Farah wants Obama to win. And so does Glenn Beck. So does Ann Coulter. So does Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, so does the NRA, and most certainly, so does Roger Ailes and Fox News. The Obama presidency has carried them all through these tough times because their followers want nothing more than having their new “Emmanuel Goldstein” to revile. Obama-hate is the gift that always gives, and certainly pays better than sniping at Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry.

And with enemies like these, who needs friends?


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